Fertile Purebred Chicken Eggs, Several Breeds

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$10: 6 eggs
$20: 1 dozen
$10: each additional dozen

Do you have a broody hen or do you want the fun of hatching your own chicks? I have several breeds of chickens, separated by breed, with more than one rooster in most flocks. When you place the order, I will begin collecting eggs for you and store them unwashed in a cool location. This way, you are getting the freshest possible eggs. I also candle them to ensure no cracks. When possible, please give me 3-4 days to collect your eggs.

See more pictures of my birds on www.chickneggs.com.

Getting lots of eggs from the following:
- Cream Crested Legbar (blue eggs)
- Bielefelder
- Rhode Island Red
- Marans (dark eggs)
- White Leghorn
- Polish

I can pull off at least a dozen of the following:
- Silkie (can hatch frizzle, fluffy, or satin)
- Bantam Ameraucana (blue eggs)

If you are putting in an order for other breeds, I can also include as available:
- Light Brahma
- Ayam Cemani
- Showgirl silkie

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees with eggs due to a myriad of variables, on both your end and on mine. I do my best to make sure you will have a good hatch. The temperature of the eggs before and during incubation, how much they are jostled, humidity during incubation, an undetected issue in a rooster and other factors all can impact the hatch rate. Under a broody hen, a lot depends on mama; not all hens do well hatching out eggs. I incubate eggs myself and have a 75%+ hatch rate. If you want to make sure to have a certain number of chicks, I sell chicks as well, and I have chicks hatching daily for you to slip under your broody hen.

Incubating eggs gives your family the opportunity to watch the miracle of life develop. I included a couple of pictures of eggs that I have candled. At about day 7, you can see the embryo moving inside the egg (see the picture with the black spot in the egg). I never get tired of seeing this!
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