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Beautiful doe in milk ...her name is Bessie and she is available! born 4/21/2017
She has freshened 3 times. All have been easy smooth kiddings. She is a wonderful mom and an easy keeper for a goat.

She is currently dam raising (kids are old enough to be fully weaned) and being milked once a day. On average she is giving us about 2.5 cups per milking. She has given us 6 cups per day when milking 2x a day.

Only reason we are looking to rehome her is to make room for retained doelings.

Our herd is clear for CAE, CL, Johnes. She was tested clean on 10/2020. UTD on all meds and dewormer.

For pedigree info please visit our website:
Her sister was able to be LAed this year and came back as VEEE90!!
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Price $ 400.00
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