Berkshire/Mangalitsa/AGH cross piglets available


Sow: Berkshire; Boar: Managalitsa/AGH cross piglets available in 2 weeks. 3 Boars and 2 Gilts available. If you are interested in the boars, reach out asap.

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Hearty group of piglets ready in a few weeks. This bunch is extra colorful and filled with personality. Sow Joan is a Berkshire (all black) beauty of a pig. Boar Kevin is a Mangalitsa/AGH cross now the father of two healthy litters.

One black piglet runt we’re keeping because he’s too stinkin’ cute but the rest of his brethren are available. We’ll be fixing the boars soon unless there is genuine interest. One Black, and two Rust-striped piglets are boars; two Black spotted and two Rust-striped piglets are gilts. 

Discounts considered for a bulk order. Please reach out ASAP if you are looking for a boar.


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