Hatching Eggs Barnyard Mix Chicken 6

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This is for 6 Barnyard Mix Chicken Hatching Eggs (Brahma, Easter Egger, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Australorp, Blue Wyandotte, Leghorn, and small possibility of Silkie genes.)

Pre orders on 2022 Hatching Eggs. 

These are Pre-Orders for 2022 Hatching eggs.  Please note when you would like your eggs. Once fertility is verified for the season I will start filling orders.  Local pick up in Ridgefield/Battle Ground only.  

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Barnyard Mix Duck $30 per dozen(Cayuga, Buff, and Cayuga with Ancona markings)

Welsh Harlequin Duck $30 for 6 eggs(unavailable)

Barnyard Mix Chicken $10 per 6 eggs

Easter Egger $15 per 6 eggs

Cortunix Quail $15 per dozen

Buff Duck $40 per Dozen(unavailable)

Cayuga $60 per Dozen(unavailable)


Barnyard Mix Duck, Barnyard Mix Chicken, Easter Egger Chicken, Buff Orpington Duck, Cayuga Duck, Welsh Harlequin Duck


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