Standard Rex Rabbits / bunnies


Purebred standard Rex bunnies 

DOB- 9-22-22

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These are very sweet bunnies they loves to snuggle and play with my 2 small kids. 

These bunnies are very friendly and comfortable around other animals including dogs, cats, chickens, loud noises and more. My two young children have held and played with the bunnies since 5 days old.

about the Rex Breed:

The Rex is a variety of rabbit recognized by its plush fur that is often described as having a velvety texture. Rex rabbits have since become one of the most popular domestic rabbit breeds. It is available in both standard and mini sizes.

Currently, Rex Rabbits are kept as pets, as show rabbits, and for fur and meat production. 
Rex Rabbits are claimed to be one of the most intelligent breeds of rabbits. Like most rabbits, the Rex is most active during the evening and early morning hours and prefers to rest during the day. Due to its playful, intelligent and relaxed nature, this breed is often described as being “cat-like”.

Rex Rabbits can also be trained to do a variety of tricks, such as coming when called and standing on command. The Rex is recognized as one of the gentler breeds of rabbits and is an excellent choice for families with children. Like any animal, they come in a variety of personalities but, but most often they are fairly friendly and extremely playful. They love to be with their family and enjoy out side time with you.

The Rex Rabbit can be housed outdoors year-round in warmer climates as well as in cooler climates if the correct accommodations are made. Many outdoor rabbits live in covered hutches in the winter. Another option is as an inside bunny in a cage. Rex Rabbits can easily be litter trained.

The Rex tends to be a hardy breed with few health issues. 


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