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I have 25+ white leghorn chicks that have hatched on/since Monday 4/12 and more hatching. Put in your order!

$3 each, or 10 chicks for $25, straight run.

I also have a few chicks of other breeds; adult birds are separated by breed.

I have included pictures of my white leghorn flock in the ad. I also raise other breeds, but these are by far my best layers. I get an egg from each hen almost every day, even in the winter when it snows! They lay surprisingly large white eggs given that they are a smaller bird. A single white leghorn hen has an average production of 280 eggs annually.

See the pictures of my handsome rooster. Although I was told he is a white leghorn when I acquired him, I suspect he may have some Rhode Island White in him. He has a stockier build than my white leghorn hens and has a calm, steady, docile demeanor. I decided to keep him as he is a striking solid white and if he does have Rhode Island white, they are also excellent layers. I’m anticipating that the chicks from this flock will be great layers and a less flighty version of the leghorn.

I can meet at the Chehalis Walgreens off I-5 Exit 79. I will also have hatching eggs available soon.


Single Chick, 10 Chicks


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