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Clark County Goat Association

Located in Clark County, Washington; the Clark County Goat Association was formed to promote education, cooperation, and fellowship among goat breeders and enthusiasts.  The organization provides educational and social programs to encourage and sustain goat breeders in our area.  We will also provide advice and support to those new to raising goats. 

We meet monthly at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month via zoom meetings and in-person.

Through these events, CCGA is able to educate the public about the value of goats and goat products, foster and promote public exhibitions of goats at local fairs and shows, and provide grants and scholarships to local area youth active in the goat community.

Your support will help CCGA continue to provide support, education and funding for our various programs in the coming years.  As the interest in sustainable and small acreage farming grows, we want to be there to support individuals in our community of goat owners.

Learn more and join our club today at  https://ccgoatassociation.wixsite.com/home 

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