Nigerian Dwarf Kids **Deposits Only**


We have some beautiful Nigerian Dwarf kids available! All come from a clean tested herd and from ADGA dam and sires. These sweethearts are looking for their new forever farms just waiting to be loved on.

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We have 5 doelings and 6 bucklings (which will be wethered) on our farm this spring season. All our kids will become available after 8 weeks of age. Wether ‘s will be banded after 10 weeks of age or later is possible.  Below is a list of what is available. If you have any questions please contact us. You can also learn more about our goats on our website: 

DOELINGS: available after April 27th 2023 except #5

1. Black with little white splashes, blue eyes: (HGA-M) $275.00 **SOLD**

2. Chocolate Brown splashes over white with blue eyes: (BA-GIJ) $250.00 **SOLD**

3. Black & White with brown eyes: (HGA-J) $225.00 *pet only **SOLD**

4. Brown, Black roaning on white with blue eyes: (BA-GIJ) $250.00 **SOLD**

5. All White, brown legs with blue eyes: (HGA-D) $275.00 available 5/12/23**AVAILABLE**

BUCKLINGS (WETHERS): All wethers are $100ea **ALL SOLD** as of 5/20/2023

6. Black & White blue eyes: (YF-A) available after 4/27/23

7. White with Brown & Black splashes: (BA-GIJ) available after 4/27/23

8. Black & White with brown eyes : (HGA-M) available after 4/27/23

9. Black & White poke-a-dot with blue eyes: (HGA-D) available after 5/12/23

10. Brown buckskin with blue eyes: (HGA-D) available after 5/12/23

11. White with black and brown legs: (HGA-D) available after 5/12/23

Kid Markings

1. Black with blue eyes, 2. Chocolate Brown Buckskin, 3. B&W blue eyes, 4. BBW Roan, 5. White with blue eyes, 6. B&W blue eyes, 7. White B&B splashes, 8. B&W brwn eyes, 9. B&W poke-a-dot, 10. Brown buckskin, 11. White with brwn legs


Balance Due, Deposit


Doeling, Wether


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Shipping Policy

Transport is at the cost and responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise arranged! 

Refund Policy

We will refund in the case of death of the animal before they have left the farm, or if His Grace Acres chooses to retain your reserved animal. You may also transfer the deposit to another kid if this case arises. 

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

All animals for sale must be paid in full before leaving the farm. Deposits are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Buyer will forfeit the deposit if they change their mind or fail to pick up animal at arranged time, if this happens animal is placed back up for sale.   

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